Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental in XÀBIA, DÉNIA and MORAIRA

Need a bike for a day on the trails, a stroll or to continue your daily training?

We offer rental service at ay of our Xabia’s bike stores located in Xàbia, Dénia and Moraira. We rent all kinds of bikes: Road, MTB, Strollers, electric bikes and Childrens bikes.

If you are over on your holidays and you could not bring your bike alone and you wanted to enjoy any of the countless routes that are all around our area, you can rent the bike that best suits your needs for as long as you need it from our stores. We have have 29er, electric bikes for both mountain or strolling and also regular bikes and both aluminium and carbon frames. Check our stores for prices and reservations.

Bike rental catalog

The availability of our bikes may vary depending on demand and models. However we will make sure to get you a bike with the same requirements. We have many models and makes available to us. Beneath is a list of some of the bikes we that we have available.

Electric road bikes

From now on you can hire electric road bikes with us. Starting at 39€.

Aluminium Mountain bikes

Specialized Rockhopper or similar with an aluminium frame. 29” trail geometry. This bike is extremely versatile and is great on the climbs and the descents.

Stroller E-bikes

Megamo Top City or similar. 36V – 250W motor with a range of 40-60km. Maximum speed of 25km/h and a charge time of 4-6 hours maximum

Electric Mountain bike

Trek Powerfly 5 or similar. MTB bike with a Bosch motor which allows you to reach a speed of 25km/h with assisted pedal. These bikes have a great suspension platform and are styled like a traditional trail bike.

Carbon or aluminium bike

Specialized Tarmac Sport Disc, 105 con desarrollo 50/34 – 11-30. A light and fast road bike made out of carbon. These bikes are ideal for terrain with large altitude changes, fast climbs and even faster descents.

Basic stroller bike

Specialized Expedition or similar. Pedal faster and with less effort thanks to its aluminum frame which provides stability and confidence whilst riding in a more comfortable pose.

Price table

Make a reservation for you or a group of friends or family and enjoy the numerous routes in our area.

Electric road


49 €

/1 day

2 days to 45 €/day

4 days to 42 €/day

1 week to 39 €/day

2 weeks to 36 €/day

Helmet 2 €/day

Childs seat 2 €/day


Basic stroller
Mountain bike

15 €

/1 day

2 days to 12 €/day

4 days to 10 €/day

1 week to 8 €/day

2 weeks to 7 €/day

Helmet 2 €/day

Childs seat 2 €/day


Aluminum Road
29" mountain bike

17 €

/1 day

2 days to 15 €/day

4 days to 14 €/day

1 week to 13 €/day

2 weeks to 12 €/day

Helmet 2 €/day

Childs seat 2 €/day



Mountain Bike

27 €

/1 day

2 days to 25 €/day

4 days to 23 €/día

1 week to 21 €/day

2 week to 19 €/day

Helmet 2 €/day

Childs seat 2 €/day


Carbon Road bike or
Electric stroller

25 €

/1 day

2 days to 23 €/day

4 days to 21 €/day

1 week to 19 €/day

2 weeks to 17 €/day

Helmet 2 €/day

Childs seat 2 €/day


Failure rates

Inner tube / 4 €

Patch / 2 €

Broken lock or key lost / 10 €

Stolen road bike or 29” / 500 €

Stolen Mountain bike or stroller / 250 €

Stolen electric or carbon bike / 1000 €

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